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What We Do

Our technology uses transactional and behavioral data, combined with gamification elements in order to help financial institutions create personalized and rewarding experiences. We leverage behavioral science and rewards to incentivize users to increase deposits, build better financial knowledge and pay bills on time.

How it works

Configurable SaaS solution with easy integration into pre existing apps to accelerate time-to-market

Our widget can be placed anywhere in your app or web portal.

The missions and challenges can be configured and combined in different ways to meet your institution's strategic goals.

Users can get personalized rewards when the missions are completed.

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How we integrate

Flourish's state of the art modular technology can easily integrate into any digital banking platform. Our widgets and APIs let financial institutions quickly build compelling, intelligent, and delightful experiences.

Initial Kick-Off

Adapt and Test


Launch and Scale

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Security & Compliance

Data Encryption

All data are encrypted at rest using the AES-256 algorithm and protected by TLS in transit. We manage our production secrets with AWS Tools.


Our solution incorporates AWS's architectural benefits, including top-tier platform security, reliability, and availability.

Scalable Solution

Our architecture provides an isolated and elastic environment. All data will be processed in an isolated layer of our platform, guaranteeing security and not allowing undue access.

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