The Enjoyable Banking Experience

Flourish provides engagement solutions that boost savings and loyalty. Empower customers and members by transforming how they interact with their money.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Flourish is an engagement platform that creates a rewarding banking journey

Engagement Engine

Boost engagement by incentivizing customers with rewards and nudges rooted in behavioral science.

Intelligent Rules

Drive deposits by automating and personalizing money management.

Financial Knowledge

Encourage healthy money habits using real time data and tailored insights.

Seamless Integration

Everything you need to make your business grow super fast!

Our technology is turnkey and easily integrated into most digital banking platform

White-labeled solutions ensure that your services are on-brand

We work closely to understand your product needs and support you in every step

What People Are Saying About Us

“From the first conversation Flourish showed a high level of professionalism and alignment with our Credit Union values. Leading us through the mapping of our member journey and defining actions to promote customer engagement helped us a lot in
our innovation process.”

Head of Innovation at Sicoob Metropolitano

“The energy and enthusiasm during our design sprint was fascinating. Participants were totally aligned with the mission from the opening of the event, absorbing all the participants, all the way until the end. Flourish’s thoughtful and inclusive approach bringing light to the importance of financial health and the innovation process gained strength and allies with the rich Brazilian Northeastern ecosystem.”

Technology Leader at Midway Financeira

“With Flourish's consultation, we saw the inspiration and innovation that occurs when we connect people who have never interacted before. The approach used during integration left the team at ease to participate and collaborate.”

Innovation at Sicoob

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