2023: A Year to Flourish - The future of financial services

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Yasmin Graeml

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January 8, 2024


In 2023, we Flourished changing the way people across the Americas interact with money and leading the future of financial services. In addition to expanding to six countries, forming strategic partnerships, and redefining engagement across various financial services, our impact extends to transforming delinquent accounts into reliable payers and revolutionizing the way users interact with digital wallets and traditional bank accounts. Let's explore these remarkable achievements that have further solidified our commitment to shaping the future of financial services.

Transforming Delinquent Accounts into Reliable Payers:

During the year we led a positive transformation of delinquent accounts into reliable payers among users engaging with Flourish Fi modules. Users engaging with Flourish Fi modules showed 12 percentage points less 30-day past-due payments than non-users. This outcome not only reflects the effectiveness of our financial modules but also underscores our dedication to empowering individuals with good financial habits.

Revolutionizing Wallets and Banking:

Our platform has proven to be a game-changer for digital wallets and traditional bank accounts. Together with our clients, we achieved a remarkable sixfold increase in digital transactions and an 80% surge in average balances over ten months to demonstrate our unparalleled impact compared to non-users.

The future of financial services:

Our achievements reached new heights in 2023 as we caught the eye of The New York Times. Our innovative approach to financial services and the positive impact on users' financial habits garnered well-deserved attention, further solidifying our position as leaders in the industry. Notably, users utilizing our Auto Save feature experienced an average balance increase of USD 932.

Empowering Lives and Building Loyalty:

Beyond the numbers and media recognition, our ultimate goal is to impact people's lives positively. By empowering individuals to cultivate good financial habits, we not only contribute to their financial well-being but also increase loyalty and engagement for our clients. This dual impact underscores the symbiotic relationship we share with our users and partners – together, we are creating the future of financial services and going toward the future of banking!

Building the future of financial services with our clients and partners: 

In 2023, we promoted our first Flourish Silicon Valley immersion. This was an invite-only event for our clients and partners to get together with San Francisco, California industry leaders. If you would like to participate in our 2024 Silicon Valley Immersion, please let us know on this form!

As we step into 2024, the successes of 2023 serve as a strong foundation for the exciting journey ahead. Flourish Fi is committed to innovation, collaboration, and positively impacting the lives of individuals across the Americas. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of financial services! Let’s chat!