We are ready for 2023: Growth and learnings from the past year

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Yasmin Graeml

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January 9, 2023



2022 was an amazing year at Flourish FI and we want to share with you some insights, reflections and learnings from the past year.

During the year, in collaboration with our customers, we had a big impact across the Americas, we supported more than 47 thousand people from Brazil, Bolivia and the United States to have better money habits and interact twice as much with their banking apps. In 2022, using our Engagement Engine, more than 18 thousand loan payments on time were done, and through our Financial Knowledge module we provided timely insights through 20 thousand money trivia gameplays, with 70% of users engaged.

We are proud to have been part of the global Mastercard Start Path community and to receive a non-dilutive grant from Mastercard Strive Innovation Fund, building an official partnership to distribute our technology across the Americas, which is already bringing partnerships in Mexico and Ecuador.

To finish the year strong, we raised a funding round from leading investors to strengthen our products and grow our presence in Latin America. Our new year wish is to expand our impact on empowering people to create better money habits while supporting financial institutions to have more loyal and stronger clients.

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