Flourish Immersion: Fintech, Behavioral Science & Customer Engagement in the Silicon Valley

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Yasmin Graeml

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May 4, 2023



We are happy to organize the first Flourish Immersion: Fintech, Behavioral Science & Customer Engagement in the Silicon Valley for our clients and partners. A selected group will be participating on talks and networking sessions with industry experts and innovators in order to discuss the future of financial services. 

Partnerships between banks and fintechs

Arnaud Auger, Deputy head of BNP Paribas C.Lab Americas with us to discuss how open innovation can empower sustainable solutions in Fintech & Insurtech as well as the Impact of generative AI on e-commerce to open innovation at PnB Paribas, the value of the data generated for personalization and monetization and Insights and best practices from Fintech + Bank partnerships.

Trends and the future of financial services

Gregory La Blanc, professor at UC Berkeley and Stanford, recipient of several teaching awards, including the Earl F. Cheit Award for Outstanding Teaching at UC Berkeley will join us during our Flourish Silicon Valley Immersion to cover Fintech trends & emerging technologies, share his view on the importance of UC Berkeley and Stanford for the innovation ecosystem and the challenges and opportunities for businesses built on digital architecture.

Behavioral Science

Kristen Berman, CEO and co-founder of Irrational Labs, will discuss behavioral economics elements and how to engage and lead clients into good financial habits using behavioral science.

Trends for financial institutions

Matthew Hatch, Partner and Americas FinTech leader at EY, will join us to discuss Fintech trends, embedded finance, data, customer engagement, emerging tech and its impact on banking. The trends and challenges of working with financial institutions and  EYs role in the Fintech ecosystem. 

Network with Silicon Valley Innovators: 

During the event, they will connect with established players and entrepreneurs, learning about their innovation processes through direct experience, projects, and knowledge exchange.

We will be gathering with local startups and founders for a Pitch session and a conversation around embedded finance, developing a tech-enabled product, guaranteeing accuracy and offering credit-building flexible payment plans as well as experiences as founders in the Bay Area.

Space is limited, and we only have a few spots left: apply to be part of our immersion