#TBT Big News in 2021

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Yasmin Graeml

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January 12, 2022



The new year is a great time to set goals and review our achievements and looking back in 2021 made us very proud of the results of our work. We continue to onboard new banks & financial institutions across the Americas to deploy our financial wellness solution and expand their impact.  

What a year at Flourish FI! The Flourish squad is working hard to empower more people to create better money habits and achieve financial goals.

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#TBT Big News 2021

What a year it was! We are happy to each day expand our impact creating financial wellness

We onboarded many incredible individuals, investors and customers who are bullish on building the infrastructure to enable financial institutions to redesign the way people interact with their finances and create positive money habits.

Thank you for being part of the  journey with us!

We wish you and your loved ones a Happy 2022!