Behavioral change and engagement to build positive money habits - Learnings from sunsetting our Flourish Savings app

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February 15, 2024


Flourish is changing the way that people interact with money by empowering individuals to build positive money habits. When you have a big mission to achieve, it is important to recalibrate strategies and sometimes change the path. We started our journey with our direct-to-consumer app and learned how to drive users to save more through engaging and rewarding experiences. These leanings about behavioral change and engagement allowed us to develop a powerful B2B solution that builds financial engagement and loyalty for our financial institution partners.

Our impact and learnings on this journey

As part of sunsetting our B2C app, we conducted user interviews with some of our users that allowed us to better understand the value we brought to their lives. Our B2C app worked as a savings account that users would connect to their bank and transfer money in. In the app, there was a gamified journey where they would evolve and unlock points as they started and grew their rainy day fund. Our solution was featured in the New York Times as an innovative way of using game elements to drive behavior change and good financial habits.

The points were used to play games - just like it's possible to buy lives in Candy Crush, you could use your points to keep playing and enter raffles that would choose a lucky user to get a gift card. "It was like a game that we never lose." said a Flourish Savings app user.

Our users also mentioned that they wish the app existed from when they were younger. They were excited to see how Flourish Solutions would play an important role in financial education for more generations. 

Flourish Savings had an important role in our users' lives. They learned about good financial habits and even used the saved money for key life moments such as helping with college payments.

What is next?

We keep Flourishing and partnering with financial institutions and licensing our technology to expand our impact and keep helping people to build positive money habits while keeping them engaged with the financial institutions.

Our engagement platform is licensed by over 10 financial institutions in 6 countries across the Americas. In the United States our technology have already been integrated with Tricolor, and Gabriel Money, in Bolivia Banco Sol and Banco Economico have our rewards engine integrated, in Mexico we integrated with Sura and Treo as partners, in Brazil we are integrated with Qista and Yours Bank, and we have a partnership with the Strive Community, an initiative from Mastercard Center of Inclusive Growth to adapt our technology for small and micro entertainers that have been integrated with Justa, Juvo and Will Bank.

Sunsetting our B2C app in the United States

We would like to thank all our early Flourish adopters, family friends, and investors who believed in our mission from day one! We are confident that this decision will allow us to keep flourishing and achieve our mission of BUILDING POSITIVE MONEY HABITS! 

Thank you