Create a Banking Experience People Love

Flourish solutions are designed to help your financial institution boost engagement, drive revenue and strengthen customer relationships

Our Solutions

We have everything you need to create an engaging financial habit for your customers!

Engagement Engine

Engage your members by incentivizing them to stay on top of their finances.

Gamification: leaderboards and points system with enticing incentives.
Sweepstakes: chances to win prizes, inspired by prize-linked savings, to drive behavior.

Intelligent Rules

Help your customer achieve their goals faster with personalized savings rules.

Customizable Rules turn people's lifestyle into savings/investment opportunities.
- Round-up save every time a purchase is made.
- Sports Fan when your NFL team wins, transfer $10.

Financial Knowledge

Empower your members to manage finances while gathering insights from their activity.

Money Trivia: create awareness of spending habits and financial wellness with personalized questions.
Educate: Intelligent insights and financial advice for proactive customer engagement.

Platform Analytics

Analytics give you access to data and insights surrounding engagement, product adoption and trends.

1. Business dashboard
Review KPIs and quickly access crucial information from customer activity.
2. Highlights & reports
Measure engagement, uncover insights and track system adoption and performance.

How We Integrate

Flourish's state of the art modular technology can easily integrate into any digital banking platform. Our team of FinTech experts and engineers ensure a smooth integration of white-label modules tailored to your brand.

Security & Compliance

When it comes to money and user data, safety is our top priority

All data encryption at rest and in transit - sensitive data such as passwords additionally encrypted

Secure software development - compliance standards met at each step of the integration lifecycle

Automated regression testing conducted before your platform goes live to account for all aspects of customer safety

Expand your business with savings experience your clients will love

Support them in building healthy money habits while enhancing your mobile banking offering.

Do you want to know more about Flourish and how we can take your banking experience to the next level?

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