We're Changing the Relationship Between People & Money

We care about relationships, not transactions.
Our mission is to empower people to establish positive money habits by making it feel like play.

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Our co-founders

Pedro Moura, CEO
Past experience: MorganStanley, Chase, Oportun
"I learned early on to be resilient and manage my hard earned money. As a first generation financial citizen, it was tough navigating the system without much guidance. This often felt like a tall barrier to climb in other to achieve a better future."
Jessica Eting, COO
Past experience: College Futures Foundation, ZeroDivide
"I watched my mom hustle to financially support the family on her own, working hard to stay above the need for the same government assistance programs she grew up on. I learned how to make my “dollar stretch,” but I learned very little about how to build the financial habits that could lead to future financial security."

Our Team

Pedro Moura


Jessica Eting


Keith Rull

VP of Engineering

Cristiano Miano

Head of Product

Guilherme Barreto

Head of Customer Success

Pedro Modrach

Engineering Manager

Selenne Betherly

Data Analytics

Yasmin Graeml

Communications & Marketing

Pedro Teixeira

Product Manager

Jean Dantas

Growth & Partnerships, Brazil

Isabela Fiorese

Customer Success

Jeferson Krauss

Software Engineer

Jaz Sotto

Product Manager

Vitor Tavares

Business Operations

Diogo Travassos

Software Engineer

Rafael Kerr

Software Engineer

Renee Sarmiento

Software Engineer

Pepe Suarez

Software Engineer

Jorge Javier Eguino

Growth & Partnerships, LatAm

Amannda Calvante

Product Designer

Yuri Logatto Pamplona

Software Engineer

Minga Vigil

Finance & Business Operations

Rafael Almeida

UI/UX Designer

Nadilson Ferreira

Technical Advisor
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Our Values

Driven by the mission

We connect with people through compassion and understanding and believe everyone deserves a financially secure future.

Embrace positivity

We are a team of optimists who encourage positive habits and embrace new perspectives.

Student always

We believe in continuous learning and self-improvement. It is important for us to maintain humility and be willing to learn.

Make things happen

We identify opportunities and are not afraid of holding ourselves accountable to act and execute.

Do the right thing

We question the status quo and design for people’s real needs. Integrity is at the center of everything we do.

Embrace the journey

We adopt a clear and straightforward approach to building solutions. We are not afraid to push our vision of a better world.

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